Yomogi mochi & kashiwa mochi

Fresh green season. This month, we made two different Mochi.

Yomogi (mugwort )mochi and Kashiwa mochi.

Yomogi is herb, which is also used as an oriental medicine. It has very distinctive aroma.

Kashiwa (oak leave )mochi. We eat this sweet on children’s day (5 May) wishing prosperity for their descendants.

bye bye cherry blossom

Finally, cherry blossoms are over. I enjoyed cherry blossoms a lot, but also like ‘after cherry blossoms’. Pink carpet and the moment of transferring to green


So, I tried to express such seasons with Wagashi.

New name of the era ‘Reiwa’

April 1, the name of new emperor’s era was unveiled.
It is a big news in Japan.

“Reiwa” 令和
Reiwa is taken from the old poem about plum blossoms (Manyoshu) with hope for future just like amazing plum flower in full bloom after bitter cold.

Surprisingly, my lovely sister Reiko uses the same Kanji 令子 and this poem is said to be created in my hometown, Dazaifu, Fukuoka.

With these happy co-incidences, I am very happy about new name.

Imaging beauty of plum flower, I made this Nerikiri confectionery.

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