Innocent drink

My favorite smoothies finally launched in Japan.
I am very happy to have innocent drink here.

Ume drink

Ume syrup – now it is ready for drink,


Nice, refreshing flavor!

Dessert using Ume syrup.
warabi mochi with Ume syrup and sorbet,

Pound cake with left over Ume after making syrup.

Lesson in August

If you are interested in making, seasonal sweets, please contact me.

English class is available upon request. min 2 people (max 5).

What to make :

・Warabi manjyu

Red beans wrapped with Warabi Mochi, it is very popular sweet in Japan.

・GO to-fu

It is soy milk based sweets with Kuzu.

- Cold zenzai

Kanten, aduki and coconut milk sauce.

Price: 6000 yen

Duration : 3 hours including tea time

Ume shigoto workshop

In Japanese, rainy season describes as Plum梅 Rain雨, the rain when Ume plum matures and ready to harvest.
It is perfect season to do Ume Shigoto (work)

Beautiful Ume plums from Wakayama, called Nan kou bai,

Making jam….

Beautiful amber color. It is sour, but this citric acid prevent summer heat.

Ume syrup.
Thank you for great photo

It will be ready in 7 days or so. Just need to shake everyday to mix rock sugar and Ume.

Tasting time !
Salad with Ume jam vinaigrette and tartine with peach and Ume jam.

Hope you enjoyed.

La pleine lune (full moon)

I made a special wagashi for this event imaging La pleine lune (full moon)

This beautiful flower arrangement is also made imaging La pleine lune. Moon light from right hand side.

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