# Onigiri Action

Check this Onigiri action project by NPO, Table for two.
Just one Onigiri photo worths 5 lunch for children in Africa/Asia.
Supporting companies donate the fund upon your post.

You just need to post your nigiri photo in FB or #onigiriaction in instagram by 20 Nov.
For details. https://onigiri-action.com

Mapo tofu

I attended Chinese food, cooking event at China council in my hometown,

Demonstration how to make ‘Mapo’ tofu.
It was quite interesting to watch, lots of spicy ingredients.
So many things to learn about Chinese food including historical background.

Workshop in December

In December, I will hold workshop for special sweets for New year.

We have a traditional to have this special sweets called ‘Hababira mochi’ -

Miso flavor an (white beans paste) wrapped with very soft Gyuhi (a kind of mochi).

English session will be available upon request.

You can bring back 5 sweets home and freeze until the new year and enjoy with your family.


Snapshot from October lesson

Kaki, persimmon, made of Uiro.

Mid town design competition

Tokyo Mid town design competition.

Designer Mr. Nakano won the 2nd prize, out of 1200 applicants.

Product is HadaKan.

Hada=skin Kan= yokan, the Japanese sweets.

Gradation yokan with various colors of skin thinking of the diversity as the theme of the completion is Human.

Well, for me, as a wagashi chef, I helped to create protocols, sample yokan.

It was great efforts, try and error to create beautiful gradation with different colors of beans. White beans, Aduki beans and aduki beans with brown sugar,

Congratulations, Mr. Nakano. Super well done, Proud of you.

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