Lesson in September

If you are interested in making, seasonal sweets, please contact me.

English class is available upon request. min 2 people (max 5).

What to make :
- Healthy Kuromai Daifuku
Made from Black sticky rice and red beans paste/walnut inside.

- Mochi dora
Normal dorayaki is made from wheat flour, but this one gluten free, made from Rice flour.

Price: 6000 yen

Duration : 3 hours including tea time

Plum syrup

Beautiful Kiyo Sumomo(Plum)from Yamanashi

Sugar : Cut plum=1:1

Just one day, this lots of juice comes out

Sumomo & roasted green tea (houji cha)

Fruit tea with sumomo

And, syrup for desserts.

Umeboshi ーSalted plum

Homemade Umeboshi

In June, I salted Ume plum and put the weight on.
Waiting for a month to finish rainy season. Rain damages the Umeboshi when dry.

After a month, lots of Ume vinegar comes up.

So, rainy season is over. Let’s dry!

Need to dry for 3 days, but put it back to Ume vinegar during the night.

Ready to eat after 1 year. Cannot wait !

Innocent drink

My favorite smoothies finally launched in Japan.
I am very happy to have innocent drink here.

Ume drink

Ume syrup – now it is ready for drink,


Nice, refreshing flavor!

Dessert using Ume syrup.
warabi mochi with Ume syrup and sorbet,

Pound cake with left over Ume after making syrup.

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