Pink to green

After cherry blossom,  I love the moment of  ’pink to green’  with imagination.

Stay home.

Wish everyone stay safe and healthy.

Fig and walnut yokan

For white day !

February Lesson(Miso making )

Homemade Miso workshop

Do you like Miso soup ? If you live in Japan, why not making your own miso, fermenting at home.  Homemade miso is very special.


22 February (Sat) 10.30am,  English available. (Fully booked)

4 March (Wed) 10.00am, English available.

In a class:

We make miso together. Bring home your miso (1 kg) and let it ferment another 8 months. Your miso will be ready in autumn. After the class, we make Miso soup with Pork (Butajiru) and do several miso tasting with Onigiri for light lunch.

Price : 5,500 yen per person

Please contact by E-mail if you are interested in.

After fermentation, it will be……


Year end Hanabira mochi workshop

Thank you for attending my class this year !

Wish you all a happy new year.


Christmas lesson


Beautiful work and photo by my student. Well done!

Everybody loves Strawberry daifuku. Fresh strawberry and mochi is such a good combination.

My first try – Christmas wreath

Brown sugar steam bun


In January class, we made steam bun called ‘Kokutou Manjyu” (or RIkyu manjyu).
Kokuto meams brown sugar, good quality brown sugar from Okinawa.

It is not easy to wrap red bean paste with soft dough out side, but everybody managed to make it.

After steam the bun, we made a mark with a hot iron. It is exciting.

Finally, Tea time!

(日本語) 西日本豪雨災害

Sorry, this entry is only available in 日本語.



Grilled herrings with rosemary

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