3 Feb is Setsubun Festival.
Special sushi roll, called Ehoumaki is eaten on the day praying for a happy and healthy life .






New Year dishes

Traditional new year’s dishes.

Ozoni soup

This is quite different region by region. Mine is Kyushu style, clear soup, Buri fish and special green leaf called Katsuna.

Beautiful mocha from Ameyakohei from Fukui


Osechi Ryori  for dinner.

Each dish has a fortune meaning.




Happy New year

Wish you a happy new year 2020.


We traditionally make Ohagi at the Equinoctial week.

Read beans and sticky rice.  Ohagi is named after autumn flower, bush clovers Hagi.

Ohagi road ! Red beans, Kinako (soy beans powder) and black sesame

Put is rational lunch box.

Taste of grandma.

Plum syrup

Beautiful Kiyo Sumomo(Plum)from Yamanashi

Sugar : Cut plum=1:1

Just one day, this lots of juice comes out

Sumomo & roasted green tea (houji cha)

Fruit tea with sumomo

And, syrup for desserts.

Umeboshi ーSalted plum

Homemade Umeboshi

In June, I salted Ume plum and put the weight on.
Waiting for a month to finish rainy season. Rain damages the Umeboshi when dry.

After a month, lots of Ume vinegar comes up.

So, rainy season is over. Let’s dry!

Need to dry for 3 days, but put it back to Ume vinegar during the night.

Ready to eat after 1 year. Cannot wait !

Class in Lisbon

I am now in Lisbon to give the class at Macrobiotic institution. Had a great time with local students teaching Japanese vegetarian dishes. I had a nightmare two days ago to come here ( Missed the connected flight at Brussels, delay, then lost baggage arriving mid night) , but I am super happy that I could manage to deliver the class. Everybody seemed to enjoy. Appreciate great helps from school,translater, assistants and special thanks to Simon Brown, who is my macrobiotic teacher and arranged everything to make this happen.



Muito Obligada!

Yomogi mochi & kashiwa mochi

Fresh green season. This month, we made two different Mochi.

Yomogi (mugwort )mochi and Kashiwa mochi.

Yomogi is herb, which is also used as an oriental medicine. It has very distinctive aroma.

Kashiwa (oak leave )mochi. We eat this sweet on children’s day (5 May) wishing prosperity for their descendants.

Homeparty – Japanese local food

Request from German friend.
‘Want to learn Japanese local food and impress 20 guests coming to home my party’

So we cooked together. Japanese popular home dishes, Tatsutaage (Fried chicken soy sauce flavor). Aubergine Dengaku (sweet miso) and colorful Onigiri (rice ball).

Guests loved


Happy New Year

New Year dish ‘Ozouni’

‘O Sochi Ryorui’

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