Ume shigoto workshop

In Japanese, rainy season describes as Plum梅 Rain雨, the rain when Ume plum matures and ready to harvest.
It is perfect season to do Ume Shigoto (work)

Beautiful Ume plums from Wakayama, called Nan kou bai,

Making jam….

Beautiful amber color. It is sour, but this citric acid prevent summer heat.

Ume syrup.
Thank you for great photo

It will be ready in 7 days or so. Just need to shake everyday to mix rock sugar and Ume.

Tasting time !
Salad with Ume jam vinaigrette and tartine with peach and Ume jam.

Hope you enjoyed.


Had a great time, collaboration special work with Michiru’s porcelains lesson.
It is 5th anniversary of Michiru’s salon, so special anniversary event, Millefiori and Wagashi making.

Millefiori is Italian handmade glass, meaning thousand flours.

Wagashi turned out to be very modern and stylish, which I never thought of before.

Impressive ! This is how they make millefiori.

Beautiful flower arrangement.

Michiru’s class
La Pleine Lune (市ヶ谷/神楽坂)

This is her 7 -year old daughter’s work. Pretty!


Minazuki, made from Rice flour.
Very traditional sweets at Nagoshi no Harae ceremony at shrine.

Beautiful hydrangea made by students.

Lesson in London

I wanted to do this lesson for long time.

Finally, I held Wagashi lesson in London thanks to my friend’s help.

- Mugwort Mochi

- Yokan with dried fruit and nut

- Nerikiri (white beans), rose












Beautiful roses, they are so different. It is shaped using spoon.

Regent park, rose garden. It is not yet full in bloom. but still beautiful

Hope you enjoyed.

Parents and kids lesson

School holiday season.

Parents and kids, Daifuku lesson

I am very glad to see lots of smiles of children.

Strawberry Daifuku

Cherry blossom Nerikiri shaping

Ttea time!

Sakura mochi

Cherry blossom(Sakura) now in season.

While enjoying beautiful Sakura outside, we made Sakura mochi this month.
We have two types of Sakura mochi from West and East.

In West, Domyoji ko (dried sweet rice) is used to make mochi, and in East (Kanto regeion), it is crape style.

Some arrangements were made on crape. Isn’t that pretty with flower pattern?

Let’s enjoy both East and West style of Sakura mochi.

Plum tree

Good thing about Wagashi is that I can feel season and express its beauty.

Beautiful plum tree around my neighbor.

So, we made plum tree with Nerikiri confectionery in the lesson this month.
Also, we made Uguisu Mochi, which express Japanese nightingale, supposed to be the bird in spring,.

Yuzu Mochi.

Miso making workshop

Lesson report : Miso making workshop in English and Japanese.

Miso is our soul food for Japanese. It is special to have home made miso.

Let’s make!

Basically, 3 important ingredients, good quality of  soy beans, Koji and salt.

It is much fun to make miso together.

Mix well salt and koji, then with cooked very soft, soy beans.

Throwing miso ball to remove the air is most fun part. Everybody got excited.

After making miso, we did several Miso tasting with Onigiri rice balls and special miso soup.

Be patient till autumn. Miso is required to ferment at least 6 months. Winter is the best timing to make miso, it will start ferment gradually. Then after summer, your miso is ready, Good luck!

Green tea Swiss roll

Guests from Mexico. Special request ‘Want to learn how to make Matcha cake’

So, we made Matcha Swiss roll with double cream& white bean paste.
She owns bakery back home in Mexico. Wow, nice to have matcha cake there!

Nerikiri – Japanese confectionery experience.

Very good smile. Thank you for sharing the photo.


I am very impressed that mum took a note in every details. Sometime, Match cake in your bakery, I would love to see,


Mucho gracias !



Brown sugar steam bun


In January class, we made steam bun called ‘Kokutou Manjyu” (or RIkyu manjyu).
Kokuto meams brown sugar, good quality brown sugar from Okinawa.

It is not easy to wrap red bean paste with soft dough out side, but everybody managed to make it.

After steam the bun, we made a mark with a hot iron. It is exciting.

Finally, Tea time!

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