Wagashi &Coffee

At Mayuka’s Ikeru special event, Wagashi collaboration with Viva coffee.

I love Viva coffee and always wanted to do this collaboration.
Wagashi goes very well with coffee, not only with Japanese tea.
Coffee is beans, wagashi is also made with red beans, why not?

Specially, people love walnut & fig Yokan.

I had a great time spending with Ikeru members, lovely people.

Wagashi lesson in March

Cherry blossom season is coming soon, in Japan , we enjoy ‘Sakura(= cherry blossom) mochi’ while enjoying the sakura view.

It is a distinctive flavor of  salted Sakura leaves. Anko (Red beans paste) is wrapped with sticky rice mochi (Doumyouji ) and sakura leaves.

If you are interested in making, spring sweets, please contact me. English class is available upon request. min 2 people (max 5).

What to make :

- Sakura mochi

- Spring Nerikiri confection. (Shaping experience)

Brown sugar steam bun


In January class, we made steam bun called ‘Kokutou Manjyu” (or RIkyu manjyu).
Kokuto meams brown sugar, good quality brown sugar from Okinawa.

It is not easy to wrap red bean paste with soft dough out side, but everybody managed to make it.

After steam the bun, we made a mark with a hot iron. It is exciting.

Finally, Tea time!

Lesson in February

English lesson will be available upon the request.

Trial Lesson :

(Trial lessons are one time only)

【What to make】

2 kinds of Wagashi

- Walnut mochi :

Mochi with walnut, soy sauce flavour

- Nerikiri confectionary : White beans base sweet often served for tea ceremony.

Japanese tea will be served after the session for tasting your sweets!

【Lesson Fee】 JPY5,500

【Duration】 2 hours

Petal rice cake

Feeling thankful completing the workshop for traditional new year wagashi, Hanabira mochi ( Flower Petal) . Ready for new year!
After 2 years back from London, I am very pleased and appreciated that I was able to start my little wagashi lesson in Tokyo.
Wish you a happy year.

Merry Christmas

Wish you have very Merry Christmas

Made of Nerikiri, Japanese confectionary



I make sweets for Mayuka’s Ikeru lesson every month.
Ikeru is Japanese flower arrangement called ‘Kadou’

The theme is green chrysanthemums, Anastasia. I attended the class this month. It is such nice feeling of talking with flowers through making wagashi sweets and arranging same flower.

Mayuka’s class information is here.


Snapshot from October lesson

Kaki, persimmon, made of Uiro.

Mid town design competition

Tokyo Mid town design competition.

Designer Mr. Nakano won the 2nd prize, out of 1200 applicants.

Product is HadaKan.

Hada=skin Kan= yokan, the Japanese sweets.

Gradation yokan with various colors of skin thinking of the diversity as the theme of the completion is Human.

Well, for me, as a wagashi chef, I helped to create protocols, sample yokan.

It was great efforts, try and error to create beautiful gradation with different colors of beans. White beans, Aduki beans and aduki beans with brown sugar,

Congratulations, Mr. Nakano. Super well done, Proud of you.

Chrysanthemums with scissors

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