In September, we have a period called ‘Ohigan’, a custom of visiting graves to pray for ancestors. In Ohigan, we eat Ohagi, sticky rice rapped in red beans.

So, we made Ohagi in my September class. Not only, traditional one, we made something different, lots more colorful.
Red beans(traditional), Matcha with kinako, Black rice, Chestnut, Nut&coconut.

of Buddhism and Japanese Shintoism, which pays respect to nature and ancestors.




















And also, celebrating full moon in September, we made Azuki-kan with little rabbit.

Sunflower on millefiori

I met this lady who came to my Wagashi lesson.

She is teaching porcelarts.

What a beautiful collaboration, Wagashi on her handmade plate!



Sunflower made from Neriki, white beans paste.

Relaxing tea time after the lesson

Morning glory


This month, we make Morning glory with Nerikiri confectionery.

Asagao (morning glory ) festival in Iriya

Nagoshi no Harae

This sweet called Minazuki is special for June 30th. It is meant to eat as a part of purification ceremony ‘Nagoshi no hare’ wishing good health for the rest of the half year.


With green tea.


Private Wagashi lesson,
Made Hydrangea Uiro and Minazuki, which is typical for June.


Mugwort mocha

Kashiwa Mochi


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