Beautiful Citurs tree called Amanatsu at friend’s house garden.

Thank you for sharing with me!

Organic, no pesticide.  So, want to eat everything !!

Amanatsu shigoto (work) on weekend – anyway we stay home.

・Amanatsu candies

Gorgeous version with chocolate coating.

・Amanatsu marmalade

・Amanatsu curd  - my favorite

・Amanatsu Tart

Cream cheese cake and Amanatsu curd.

Happy moment to enjoy Amanatsu heaven.

Thank you for sharing.

Scone class

First lesson in January was British Scone and Triful.
I guess everyone had lots of Japanese dishes in new year , so just to change of the air.

Nice smell from oven. Happy to have scone straight from Oven.

Thank you for the great photo – kumiko san

Berry and custard is just nice combination.

Innocent drink

My favorite smoothies finally launched in Japan.
I am very happy to have innocent drink here.

Ume drink

Ume syrup – now it is ready for drink,


Nice, refreshing flavor!

Dessert using Ume syrup.
warabi mochi with Ume syrup and sorbet,

Pound cake with left over Ume after making syrup.

Beautiful scenery and food in Lisbon

After the class, I enjoyed a bit of sightseeing and local food in Lisbon.
One of Portuguese friends kindly took me around the town.

Beautiful blue and red contrast.

Lisbon is quite hilly, sometimes I am surprised its steep narrow streets, but it is beautiful.

Good food in Lisbon. As it is so close to the sea, fresh seafoods are available. Great sunlight makes fruit and vegetable very ripe and sweet.

Tempura, now we feel like Japanese food, but it comes from Portugal.

Squid ink past, it is very colorful.

I am just obsessed with fresh orange juice sold everywhere. It is so sweet and costs less than one euro.

I am impressed with this natural gas mineral water called ‘Pedras’. Portuguese are very proud of this water. Yes, it is indeed good taste.

There are many sweets in Portugal, too. Japanese popular sweet called ‘Kasutera’ is also originally made from Portuguese ‘Pão de lós’ .

Of course. Famous sweet, Pastel de Nata.

I enjoyed my stay in Lisbon. I will definitely come back again.

Kids and Mum scorn making

Scone making class for kids and mum.
It was great to see their happy, exciting faces through out the class.

They enjoyed making Scone and Trifle, english dessert.

Christmas lesson

Christmas easy cooking lesson.

Roast porc Japanese style marinating in soy sauce

Christmas lease, Sweet potato salad with avocado

Chocolate hot cake

Fig jam

Tartan with homemade fig jam in season.

Elder Flower Cordial

I found Elder flower at Aoyama Farmer’s market.
wow, I didn’t know that they grow in Japan.

I used to drink Elder flower cordial in England.

Refreshing summer drink.

Finnish Berry cake

Handmade Basket Workshop by Kirpputori

Finnish berry cake

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