(Wanted)Homemade Miso making workshop

Homemade Miso workshop

Do you like Miso soup ? If you live in Japan, why not making your own miso, fermenting at home.  Homemade miso is very special.



14 February (Thu) 10am for English class.

You can request private class from 3 people (max 6).


In a class:

We make miso together. Bring home your miso and let it ferment another 6 months. Your miso will be ready in autumn. After the class, we make Miso soup with Pork (Butajiru) and do several miso tasting with Onigiri for light lunch.


Price : 5,000 yen per person


Please contact by E-mail if you are interested in.


After fermentation, it will be……

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