Wagashi Lesson in London

I will visit London in May. It is first time since I left London in 2016, I am very excited.

During my stay, I will do following Wagashi Lesson. English translation is available upon request.


- May 10 Friday, 11:30am
- May 11 Saturday, 10:30am
- May 11 Saturday, 14:30pm
(Duration 2.5 to 3 hours)

【What to make】

- Nerikiri Rose shaping
Traditional confectionery made from white beans. Dough will be prepared in advance.

-Mugwort mochi
Very popular herb in spring time. Red beans paste in side.

- Dry fig and walnut Yokan
Put walnut and dry fig, a bit of western flavor of tractional sweet called Yokan, which made from Aduki beans and agar

【Fee】50 sterling pounds

【Venue】 near Paddington (Will send you the details, once you apply and confirm)

【Number】minimum 2 and maximum 5 people

If you are interested in, apply via E-mail (info@y-an.jp

Rose Nerikiri

Yomogi mochi


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