Nagoshi no Harae

This sweet called Minazuki is special for June 30th. It is meant to eat as a part of purification ceremony ‘Nagoshi no hare’ wishing good health for the rest of the half year.


With green tea.

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Plum wine

Plum season.

I got beautiful plum from Kishuu, which is very famous Plum region.
So I was busy but excited with this ‘Ume shigoto’ Plum work.

Plum wine, Plum juice

and Plum jam.
Plum has good quality of Citric acid, which helps to

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July 2018 Lesson schedule

For July and August, Trial lessons will take place.  (English lesson will be available upon the request.  Trial lessons are one time only)

Regular lesson will  start from Autumn 2018.

Class will be arranged from min. 2 people to max 5 people.

Please contact by e-mail  if you are interested in.

【What to make】

2 kinds of Wagashi

– Warabi Manjyu : Popular sweet in Summer

Jelly like dumpling made using bracken starch – See the picture below.

– Nerikiri confectionary : White beans base sweet often served for tea ceremony.

Japanese tea will be served after the session for tasting your sweets!

【Lesson Fee】 JPY4,000 (July & August special price for opening)

【Duration】    2 hours

【Venue】Sendagaya Shibuya-ku

3min. walks form Kitasando Station, Fukutoshin line

6min. walk from Sendagaya Station, JR line or  Kokuritsu Kyogijo, Ooedo line

(Detailed address  will be informed after the confirmation)

Warabi Mange

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Elder Flower Cordial

I found Elder flower at Aoyama Farmer’s market.
wow, I didn’t know that they grow in Japan.

I used to drink Elder flower cordial in England.

Refreshing summer drink.

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