Wagashi is the name used to describe traditional Japanese sweets and confectionery, the sweets often served as part of a traditional tea ceremony. They have an important role in Japanese food culture and history and like traditional Japanese cuisine they are beautiful, delicate and delicious. 

Wagashi have traditional flavours and textures that we have grown up with since childhood. The flavours that we long for when we are far from home, the delicacies we enjoy with family and friends to mark holidays and special occasions, the gifts that celebrate milestones in our lives.

The seasons and nature are incredibly important to Japanese people and they have found their way into the motifs of Wagashi.  Although ingredients are very simple (mostly plant based), Wagashi can express the subtleness of nature and passage of seasons.

Whether you live in Japan or you’re just visiting, why not explore the beauty of Japanese food.

Please join me to prepare beautiful Wagashi you can then make and enjoy at home and share with your family and friends. I am pleased to share my passion with you. 

和菓子家・料理研究家 Yukiko

Instructor Yukiko: 

Cooking has always been my passion. Since moving to London in 2010, my passion for cooking has become even stronger. Post my former job in the financial institution, I started to explore the world of cuisine.

To get the basics of western style cooking, I learnt French food and patisserie. To get to know more healthy side of food, I learnt Macrobiotic. Putting all these together, I enjoy my style of cooking. I do care about what I eat and what is good for my health. To me, homemade food is just about knowing what I eat.

After spending 8 years in UK, I came back to Japan, where my soul food is. Specially these days, I spend most of my time, dedicating to Wagashi. It is such a joy to feel nature and four seasons through making Wagashi.

I would love to share my homestyle Japanese cooking and Wagashi making to non-Japanese students. From my experience in London, it is very exciting to learn new recipes using local ingredients. I am very happy if I could assist you to do so as we are all food lovers.

Current Activities

  • Holding Japanese Wagashi making class and seasonal cooking.
  • Wagashi making and selling, collaboration work with Kuba Coffee Roastery at Kitasando.

My history

  • Wagashi making, Chanoma cafe, London
  • Japanese Cuisine & Wagashi Instructor, London
  • Food Editor, Magazine Journey, London
  • Collaboration work with Mayuka Yamazaki for her Ikebana, Japanese flower arrangement lesson ‘Ikeru’, Tokyo


  • Certified macrobiotic practitioner by UK macrobiotic association
  • Diplome de Cuisine, Le Cordon Bleu, London
  • Pâtisserie course, Bellouet Conseil, Paris
  • Diploma, Japanese confectionery ‘Wagashi’, Happy Cooking Tokyo