Miso making class

It is such a fun to make miso with chatting with friends.

Tasting time !
lots of miso with Onigiri and pork miso soup with homemade miso last year

Thank you for great photo. K

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Lesson in March

Cherry blossom season is coming soon, in Japan , we enjoy ‘Sakura(= cherry blossom) mochi’ while enjoying the sakura view.

It is a distinctive flavor of  salted Sakura leaves. Anko (Red beans paste) is wrapped with sticky rice mochi (Doumyouji ) and sakura leaves.

If you are interested in making, spring sweets, please contact me. English class is available upon request. min 2 people (max 5).

What to make :

– Sakura mochi (Kansai style)

– Sakura crape (Kanto style)

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3 Feb is Setsubun Festival.
Special sushi roll, called Ehoumaki is eaten on the day praying for a happy and healthy life .






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Scone class

First lesson in January was British Scone and Triful.
I guess everyone had lots of Japanese dishes in new year , so just to change of the air.

Nice smell from oven. Happy to have scone straight from Oven.

Thank you for the great photo – kumiko san

Berry and custard is just nice combination.

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February Lesson(Miso making )

Homemade Miso workshop

Do you like Miso soup ? If you live in Japan, why not making your own miso, fermenting at home.  Homemade miso is very special.


22 February (Sat) 10.30am,  English available. (Fully booked)

4 March (Wed) 10.00am, English available.

In a class:

We make miso together. Bring home your miso (1 kg) and let it ferment another 8 months. Your miso will be ready in autumn. After the class, we make Miso soup with Pork (Butajiru) and do several miso tasting with Onigiri for light lunch.

Price : 5,500 yen per person

Please contact by E-mail if you are interested in.

After fermentation, it will be……

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Visiting shrine

Hatsumoude – New year visit to shrine, Hatomori Jinja in Sendagaya

wow, unbelievable lots of queue.

I came to know the reason later.  They were on TV selected as the best-go powerspot in 2020.

Yes, I got Daikichi (best one) fortune slip.


Hababira mochi.  New year sweets wishing for health long life

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New Year dishes

Traditional new year’s dishes.

Ozoni soup

This is quite different region by region. Mine is Kyushu style, clear soup, Buri fish and special green leaf called Katsuna.

Beautiful mocha from Ameyakohei from Fukui


Osechi Ryori  for dinner.

Each dish has a fortune meaning.




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Year end Hanabira mochi workshop

Thank you for attending my class this year !

Wish you all a happy new year.


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