Coffee and wagashi

I am selling my little sweets at coffee stand nearby.
Wagashi and coffee – I love this combination, so I am glad to do this.

Tradional wagashi and western cake with Japanese twists.



Kuba Coffee Roastery 久芳焙煎所

3-7-6 Sendagaya Shibuyaku Tokyo
Mon/Tue 900-1630
It has a  name ‘Tea press  board ‘at the building entrance but it is pop up coffee stand.

Coffee beans area available on line

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Boulangerie a Paris

 2014 champion

SARL AUX DELICES DU PALAIS (60 boulevard Brune, 14arr)





2013 champion

Au Paradis du Gourmand(156 rue Raymond Losserand, 14arr.)






2010 champion Le Grenier à Pain (38 rue des Abbesses, 18arr)

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Bakery course (No 3)

Pain au raisin


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Bakery course

I am taking 10days Bakery course. Look at loads of bread that I made just for one day!

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