Food in London

Good food / restaurant in London


Spanish seafood restaurant

They have good seafood, simple cooking, taste very good.

Cougette flower Tempura, Honey and goat cheese perfect match


Princi (Soho)
Stylish Italian cafe, Their bread and pizza are nice.


La Fromagerie (Marylebone high street)
French cheese shop, their selection of cheese are amazing. Particularly, I love the cheese with truffle.


Daylesford (Marylebone high street)
Pretty cafe. They have a farm in cotswolds.

Higgins Coffee(near Oxford street)
Coffee and tea shop.


Merlose and Morgan (Primrose hill)
I just like their soy latte and baked well tart.

Oliveto (Victoria)
Sardinian restaurant. There are several shops, but I prefer the most Oliveto. They offer stone bake pizza.


Bottarga Pasta

Buffalo mozzarella pizza

Blueberry yogurt ice cream



Supermarket, Waitrose.
so many cheese !

In England, they have really good dairy products, yogurt, butter, double cream and cheese.

My favorite yogurt

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’London Journey ’ the weekly magazine


When I lived in London, I was in charge of writing recipe to the magazine called ’ Journey’- Japanese community weekly free magazine.
Since in a while, I had a chance to cook for them during my stay.

Recipes will come out around summer, still secured, but using these spices.

Shooting like this.

I was glad to see them again. It was concentrated hours cooking 9 dishes and chatting.

Now, I finished everything and relax.
Will enjoy beautiful season in London.

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Now in London

Finally arrived in London.

I feel like I came home.

Cold and chilly weather last week, but it is London

Then, yes!,  beautiful weather. Let’s go for a walk.
My favorite place without doubt. Regent park.

I just love so many greens in London. Even in the busy street, greens.

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Kona Coffee

Visited Kona coffee farm in Big island Hawaii

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Soy sauce factory and Shochu brewery

In Hitoyoshi, Kumamoto.

It was a great fun to visit soy sauce factory and Shochu brewery.
Also, I enjoyed JR Kyushu, special trains!

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Earthquake in Kumamoto Japan

Severe earthquake occurred in my region, Kumamoto. My family got affected and evacuated to the shelter.
Pray for those who affected and wish Kumamoto to recover as soon as possible.

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South france

St Remy de Provence :Recipe from old books,

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My favorite

My favorites are :

Puit d’amour at Stohrer

Censier at Carl Marletti

Millefeuille at Pierre Herme

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