Ume Plum jam and Plum syrup making.
Date :  27 June (Sunday)
Time : 14:30am  (approx. 2.5 hours)
June is Ume plum picking season and every family used to make their plum food/drinks at home. Ume Plum is very effective to prevent exhaustion from the summer heat., why not trying making your own?
Will order good quality of Ume from ume farmer at Kishu, Wakayama.
Making process itself is simple,  lets enjoy seasonal plum work (Ume shigoto) together.
( What to make)
Ume syrup
 : 500g of plum in ziplock. Bring home and mix everyday.
 It will be ready to drink  in approx. 10 days.
Ume plum jam
 : Will make together and do tasting. Bring home 250ml jar .
Note :
Container will be provided (No need to bring)
Will use plums just harvested, but will possibly freeze at my end for easy/ fast process.
(What to birng)
 –  Bag to put  syrup and jam
5500 yen
Please notify by 10 May for attendance to order ingredients.
No cancellation accepted after ordering ingredients.  – Thank you for your understanding.