About Yukiko

Cooking has always been my passion. Since moving to London in 2010, my passion for cooking has become even stronger. Post my former job in the financial institution, I started to explore the world of cuisine.

To get the basics of western style cooking, I learnt French food and patisserie. To get to know more healthy side of food, I learnt Macrobiotic. Putting all these together, I enjoy my style of cooking. I do care about what I eat and what is good for my health. To me, homemade food is just about knowing what I eat.

After spending 8 years in UK, I came back to Japan, where my soul food is. Specially these days, I spend most of my time, dedicating to Wagashi- Japanese confectionery making. It is such a joy to feel nature and four seasons through Wagashi.

I would love to share my home-style Japanese cooking and  Wagashi making to non-Japanese. From my experience in London, it is very exciting to learn new recipes using local ingredients around you.  I am very happy if I could assist you to do so as  we are all food lovers.

Current Activities

– Holding Japanese cooking and wagashi making classes.

– Collaboration work with Mayuka Yamazaki for her Ikebana, flower arrangement lesson ‘Ikeru’.

My history

– Used to sell traditional Japanese sweets at the local cafe in London.

– Held several cooking and sweet making classes in London

– Developed and published recipes in a Japanese community magazine.


– Certified macrobiotic practitioner by UK macrobiotic association

– Diplome de Cuisine, Le Cordon Bleu, London

– Pâtisserie course, Bellouet Conseil, Paris

– Diploma, Japanese confectionery ‘wagashi’, Happy Cooking Tokyo

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