【Cooking relay 2020 】

It has been long time after STAY HOME situation in every country. Cooking relay 2020 baton started from Cook Masayo Waki in Japan and spread among Japanese professional cooks.
The idea is using easily available ingredients (or already in fridge) , professional cooks or chef make easy dish and introduce to everyone, then pass the baton to the next cook.

Yes, I agree with the great idea of cooking relay, cook and enjoy at home !

I received this baton from Ms. Mizue in London. She is a passionate cook teaching international cuisine at hercooking class in London ‘kitchen 34’

So, from me, as a Japanese sweet maker or teacher, I would introduce easy homestyle Wagashi, Japanese sweet. When it comes to Wagashi, I understand that not all ingredients are necessary available in your food storage, specially in overseas, but if could play around whatever available near you, that would be great. Stay home and enjoy !

★ Cinamon Walnut Mochi

Glutinous rice flour (Shiratamako):60g
Light soy sauce:1 tsp
Cinnamon:as you like
Potato or corn starch

Optional : Red beans paste: 40g

1.Roast walnut in oven (180c) for 8min until golden colour.
2.In microwave proof bowl, put glutinous rice flour. Add water and mix with wooden spatula until smooth. Add sugar and soy sauce.

3.Put lid on or cling film and microwave(600w) for 2min30sec until surface get dry (half cooked ).
4. Mix the dough well and microwave for 1min.

5. Mix well and microwave for another 30sec.(Completely cooked)

6. Add coarsely crushed walnut and sprinkle cinnamon. (If you want to put red beans paste, add at the last moment and fold gently. Better not to mix completely, leave as marble. )
7.Dust starch on tray and put mochi dough.
8.Dust starch on mochi surface as well. Cool down.
(You could also use tin to shape mochi in square)

9.After cool down, cut in bite size.

※ In stead of walnut, you could put orange peel, dry fruit or jam (you need to adjust water if jam is too runny) before instruction no5. In that case, add little salt instead of soy sauce