Students from overseas

I had guests from Overseas. France and Australia.
Very glad to have them here.

I am so happy that they are very interested in Japanese food, ingredient and cooking.

Starting form Dashi stock, Miso, Mirin, many new ingredients to learn.
We made Onigiri rice ball – it must be hard to make it triangle?

I hope that you enjoyed cooking experience in Japan and that cook some back in your country!


Homemade miso which I made in February is ready for tasting.
Well fermented and good brown color.

Buta jiu (Pork Miso soup) makes me warm in this cool weather these few days.
Good flavor of Miso.


In September, we have a period called ‘Ohigan’, a custom of visiting graves to pray for ancestors. In Ohigan, we eat Ohagi, sticky rice rapped in red beans.

So, we made Ohagi in my September class. Not only, traditional one, we made something different, lots more colorful.
Red beans(traditional), Matcha with kinako, Black rice, Chestnut, Nut&coconut.

of Buddhism and Japanese Shintoism, which pays respect to nature and ancestors.




















And also, celebrating full moon in September, we made Azuki-kan with little rabbit.

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