# Onigiri Action

Check this Onigiri action project by NPO, Table for two.
Just one Onigiri photo worths 5 lunch for children in Africa/Asia.
Supporting companies donate the fund upon your post.

You just need to post your nigiri photo in FB or #onigiriaction in instagram by 20 Nov.
For details. https://onigiri-action.com

Students from overseas

I had guests from Overseas. France and Australia.
Very glad to have them here.

I am so happy that they are very interested in Japanese food, ingredient and cooking.

Starting form Dashi stock, Miso, Mirin, many new ingredients to learn.
We made Onigiri rice ball – it must be hard to make it triangle?

I hope that you enjoyed cooking experience in Japan and that cook some back in your country!


Homemade miso which I made in February is ready for tasting.
Well fermented and good brown color.

Buta jiu (Pork Miso soup) makes me warm in this cool weather these few days.
Good flavor of Miso.

Plum wine

Plum season.

I got beautiful plum from Kishuu, which is very famous Plum region.
So I was busy but excited with this ‘Ume shigoto’ Plum work.

Plum wine, Plum juice

and Plum jam.
Plum has good quality of Citric acid, which helps to

Savory curd

Eschallot pickles

Plum wine

Bamboo Shoot

Bamboo shoot Rice

Sea bream, Hamaguri with Sake steam

Spring dish

Duck roast with rice

Cherry Blossom

Meant to bring lunch box for Hanami,,,, but rained off.
















Beautiful !!

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