Umeboshi Plum work shop 6.19

It was first time to hold Umeboshi (salty ume plum pickles) workshop welcoming special guest Ms. Kakibuchi from Minabe Wakayama. Tremendous aroma from beautiful ripe Ume. I can’t wait to taste homemade Umeboshi a year later. 




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Miso making class

It is such a fun to make miso with chatting with friends.

Tasting time !
lots of miso with Onigiri and pork miso soup with homemade miso last year

Thank you for great photo. K

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Scone class

First lesson in January was British Scone and Triful.
I guess everyone had lots of Japanese dishes in new year , so just to change of the air.

Nice smell from oven. Happy to have scone straight from Oven.

Thank you for the great photo – kumiko san

Berry and custard is just nice combination.

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Year end Hanabira mochi workshop

Thank you for attending my class this year !

Wish you all a happy new year.


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Christmas lesson


Beautiful work and photo by my student. Well done!

Everybody loves Strawberry daifuku. Fresh strawberry and mochi is such a good combination.

My first try – Christmas wreath

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November lesson

Kimishgure – steamed sweet using white beans and egg.

half and half chestnut filling and aduki beans


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With students

I had a chance to teach Wagashi at Tsuda University. Thanks to Professor Shinkai, it was a great occasion to teach Wagashi to students those who probably work overseas , hoping they can introduce and enjoy Wagashi in future. Just happy to see their lively faces throughout the session.

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