Miso making class

It is such a fun to make miso with chatting with friends.

Tasting time !
lots of miso with Onigiri and pork miso soup with homemade miso last year

Thank you for great photo. K

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Scone class

First lesson in January was British Scone and Triful.
I guess everyone had lots of Japanese dishes in new year , so just to change of the air.

Nice smell from oven. Happy to have scone straight from Oven.

Thank you for the great photo – kumiko san

Berry and custard is just nice combination.

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Year end Hanabira mochi workshop

Thank you for attending my class this year !

Wish you all a happy new year.


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Christmas lesson


Beautiful work and photo by my student. Well done!

Everybody loves Strawberry daifuku. Fresh strawberry and mochi is such a good combination.

My first try – Christmas wreath

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November lesson

Kimishgure – steamed sweet using white beans and egg.

half and half chestnut filling and aduki beans


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With students

I had a chance to teach Wagashi at Tsuda University. Thanks to Professor Shinkai, it was a great occasion to teach Wagashi to students those who probably work overseas , hoping they can introduce and enjoy Wagashi in future. Just happy to see their lively faces throughout the session.

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