Mizuhiki&Wagashi WS

Mizuhiki & Wagashi Collaboration WS

Welcoming guest teacher, KASUMI, the Mizuhiki artist,  we have collaboration workshop making Mizuhiki craft and seasonal Nerikiri, Japanese confectionery.

Beauty of traditional Mizuhiki and Wagashi are well influenced each other.


27 November  Sunday 10:15am~ (apprx 2.5 hours)

【Price】 7000 yen

【what to make 】

・Mizuhiki  – Hashi Chopstick Envelop making

・Nerikiri confectionery (shaping only)


Guest Teacher:







Profile :

Kasumi’s grand father was Japanese traditional embroidery specialist. Inspired by his delicate craftsmanship, she started to have an interest to traditional Japanese crafts.  While working for Meiji shrine for twelve years, she obtained professional knowledge and expertises of Japanese traditions and cultures including Mizuhiki. She designed original Mizuhiki items for Meiji Kinenkan. In 2017, she became independent and set up ‘design musubi’ to pursue her modern style of Mizuhiki. While making lots of crafts as a Mizuhiki artist,  she holds workshops hoping more people to bocome aware the beauty of Mizuhiki world.

Visit her instagram for more works.


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