2021 Lesson in new year(January)

Seasonal Lesson

– Joyo Manjyu

Traditional Mnajyu bun made from sticky yam, sugar, rice powder and red beans.

In terms of difficulty, yes, it is not for beginners, but we can try !



– O Higashi

Traditional sweets often used in Tea ceremony. Higashi means Dried sweets but it is actually quite tasty just after you make.  Plum flower celebrating new year.



23 January(Sat):  14.30

24 January(Sun):  14.30

English class will be available upon request on separate date if more than 2 people.

Otherwise, you can join Japanese/ English class

【Fee】:6000 yen

【Duration】: 3 hours

【Number】:2-4 people


Wagashi trial lesson  for beginners

If you want to experience a touch of Wagashi, begginers’ class is available/

what to make :

・Walnut Daifuku

・Seasonal nerikiri ( shaping only)

【Date】: Upon request.

【Fee】:4500 yen

【Duration】: 2 hours

【number】:2-4 people


【What to bring】:Mask, Apron,  Hand towel, Bag (for bring home)

【How to book】   : Please contact  by e-mail for booking.


Please note that due to Covid-19 situation, class is now operating withnew rule.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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