Sesame balls

Fried sesame balls. Sometimes, you see at Chinese restaurant.
‘Just fried ‘ sesame ball is such a treat. Enjoy at home.

50g of Glutinous rice flour
7g of potato or corn starch
20g of sugar
1/2 Tsp of sesame oil
40g of water (need adjustment)

White sesame

(Filling )
70g of Red beans paste
4g of ground black sesame

Mix red beans paste and ground black sesame. Then, make 7 balls – 10g each.
Just plain red beans paste is also fine.

1 Mix potato starch with little water from 40g.
2 In a bowl, put glutinous rice flour, sugar and rest of water. Mix well.
3 Add 1 and mix. If the dough is too dry, adjust with some extra water.
4 Add sesame oil and mix well. Make smooth soft dough.
5 Divide dough into 7 pieces (15g each)
6 Flatten the dough, then put fillings in the middle and make a ball.
7 Coat white sesame around the ball. (It is better to coat sesame right away after making one ball)
8 Deep fry slowly in 150 degree oil. It is ready once the ball gets swollen and becomes light golden colour.

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Mapo tofu

I attended Chinese food, cooking event at China council in my hometown,

Demonstration how to make ‘Mapo’ tofu.
It was quite interesting to watch, lots of spicy ingredients.
So many things to learn about Chinese food including historical background.

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I went to Laos, Vientiane, after Bangkok.

Beautiful Laotian food. Lots of herbs and vegetable are used, it is very healthy.

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