September Seasonal lesson


We have a tradition to have Ohagi in the period of Ohigan week, late September.

Ohagi is made of sticky rice and beans paste inside or outside.

These days not only traditional Ohagi, some colorful ohagi is in trend. Let’s enjoy both.

・Aduki kan for full moon festival

Full moon festival  is 1 October this year. With the image of Otsukimi (Watch full moon), aduki beans and Kanten agar sweet like soft yokan.



19  September (sat):  10.30

English class will be available upon request on separate date if more than 2 people.

【Fee】:6000 yen

【Duration】: 3 hours

【Number】:2-3 people


Wagashi trial  class for beginners

what to make :

・Warabi manjyu

・Seasonal nerikiri ( shaping only)

【Date】: Upon request.

【Fee】:4500 yen

【Duration】: 3 hours

【number】:2-3 people


【What to bring】:Mask, Apron,  Hand towel, Bag (for bring home)

【How to book】   : Please contact  by e-mail for booking.


Please note that due to Covid-19 situation, class is now operating with new rule.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.